Project TO DO List FMA Crossover Project Starts

Seven years going strong- that’s how long I been doing this. As on Facebook like I said- it’s very hard but please don’t let me discourage you. Do you and work hard- nobody else can not do your work unless it’s you. If having a hard time is what you come out with- it takes years and perfection. It does not take just a year for beginners- (Unless you’re so darn lucky to have good teachers:

1. Write the scripts of the pre-stories.

2. Go to Japan- and make a proposal or forward my proposal to Viz Media.

3. If they accept- get right to work!!

4. Pre-production begins!

5. Promote the movie. Promotion is the big thing and a lot of money!

6. Hope it becomes the next big hit in the box office!

6. Famous or not to be famous!