Watching the Inuyasha: Swords of an Honorable Ruler movie

Inuyasha and dear older brother Shesshomaru

Let me give you thought of watching this movie last night. First of all, this is my most favorite Inuyasha movie. I will keep saying it because it is. NO JOKE. It all started when you see Inuyasha’s wounded father, blood dripping form his arm and standing right behind him is his eldest son- Shesshomaru. He asked since he was arriving to save Izayoi- Inuyasha’s mother and supposedly Shesshomaru stepmother XD- wanted the possession of both the Tenseiga and Tetsuseiga. Inu no Taishou refused to his son and asked him “Do you have somebody to protect?” Shesshomaru, stubborn as always says “I have no one to protect (yes you do- geez!)” Inu no Taishou was really trying to say he has to protect his infant brother- changed into his demon form and sped off. I really thought he was going to fight his son for the second time. (It’s been like six years since I watched this movie! But I remember most of the parts) Takemaru goes in and kills Inuyasha mother. I can’t believe that bastard would do that! Then Inu no Taishou finally arrives and sees what he has done. It was kind of a sad moment because it was the last time the Great Dog Demon was alive, he named the baby Inuyasha. They fight the the death until the burning castle dropped to the ground. And last we see the cute little half-demon in his mother’s arms. 700 years later- Inuyasha goes to the other side to visit Kagome at her school. I laughed that he thought the volleyball was trying to harm Kagome! As they walked together to her house, the So’unga– the third sword of hell; that Inu no Taishou possessed- passed into the modern era. I forgot the sheath’s name but I’ll update later. He was supposed to protect the evil sword from wrecking havoc into the three worlds (Heaven, Earth, and Hell). But I knew he got kind of lazy! After he told Inuyasha that he has to do something to put the sword back– it started to control him, reverting him into a full demon. I wasn’t paying attention how he passed back the feudal era but he told Kagome to stay away to protect her. Back there, he would bring hell there himself! Miroku and Sango was sitting aside Izayoi’s grave and someone placed flowers in the front. Wishing her spirit well- Miroku says “Inuyasha might be stubborn but he does have a kind side.” (I don’t know really but I’m utting in my own words) I don’t know why Shippo was standing there but I hate that. If somebody tells you to get the hell out of the way- run Forrest run! Then, he spots a mother and child and runs to kill them that’s when he runs into Miroku and Sango- surprised that he is acting this way- Shippo just arrives, decides to intervene. Before he takes a swing- this child cries like he’s a baby!


That was driving me nuts. Inuyasha suddenly cuts himself to gain back control and tells the three; the mother and the child to take cover. He uses this Dragon Twist and destroys the whole village to the next. You know Kagome went anyway so she can save him- he doesn’t have to do it himself. Shesshomaru finds the So’unga in his brother’s possession and gets pissed off and starts calling him even more harsher name. Shesshomaru is just jealous- Inuyasha didn’t want the sword anyway. They try to fight to the death, he grabs Inuyasha’s sword and uses it on him- stupid older brother, you can’t possess the sword unless you want your hand burned (it happened anyway). Shesshomaru gains control of himself and blows him away- I forgot the name but it’s similar to Dragon Twist. Just when he goes after a pair of more victims [Jaken and Rin] Kagome sweeps on in to save the day. But things are just getting worse. The sword drops in another possession of a demon- So’unga commands the demon to search for the-one-who-be the true wielder Takemaru.  He is revived and seeks revenge on the two brothers and kidnaps Rin and Kagome- plotting too kill them. They were saved by Shesshomaru who told them to take cover. Left back battling thousands of undead soliders- Miroku decides to sacrifice his life in order to let Inuyasha battle Takemaru also. Within seconds- he sucked all of the poisonous undead soldiers and Inuyasha promised to owe him one. As the two fought against him, Takemaru suddenly remembers Izayoi wanted him to live (I don’t guess why)- at his defeat. But the battle wasn’t over yet. The sword So’unga went out into the sky and started to terrorize everything in its path. Inuyasha and Shesshomaru was still babbling about who should take down the evil sword. Kagome make them remember about someone who they should protect. Shesshomaru protects Rin. Inuyasha protects Kagome- it was a beautiful meaning. It talks about the challenges of brotherhood, working together, protecting someone you love. Shesshomaru saying might of been different from his heart but he’s not fooling me. As the sword was destroyed, their father appeared before them and thanked them. A heartfelt Inuyasha wanted to say something to his father but he suddenly disappeared.

Inuyasha was yet disappointed not to talk with his father but he finally saw him. The two brothers part and the gang went on again another adventure. As we can see after the credits roll, Kagome and Inuyasha are talking and she remember to give him something. It was the beads that was destroyed earlier due to his reverted demon form. Oh why Kagome?